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Dr. Amini has been my dentist for several years now and she has always been attentive and honest so I know I'm in good hands. My dental health has been perfect since I started seeing her. I would highly recommend her!!

Hyewon L.

I and my entire family have been going to Dr. Amini for many years and have had only the best experiences there and we continue to recommend our friends to go to her practice.

Kenny F.

I've been Dr Amini's patient for few months now and she did various kind of treatments for me. She makes the environment comfortable for you and she discusses with you what your problem is and won't proceed for the treatment before she communicates the issue with you. This is a big plus for me because I don't like to be under treatment for something I don't know what it is and what the procedures are. I also like the fact that how she professionally handles complicated issues and doesn't rush to treatment; she seems to want everything been done perfectly, so even if you don't care about what kind of treatment you would get, she wants it to be prefect, so there is no worries, you would get the best service and treatment.

In my most recent treatment, I had to have a temporary crown on my front teeth which made me quite nervous since I thought it might fall off and makes my life miserable until I can go back again to glue it. But I had the temp crown for more than two weeks and it stayed there nicely and didn't put me in any trouble. She also gave me a small package of glue for emergency reattaching if in case it comes off!! The permanent crown was also pretty good. The color and the form was identical to my own teeth and it was almost impossible to tell which one is the crown!!

Almost any time you call during business hours, you would get respond. If not, the nice helpful receptionist would call you shortly.

For me, everything has gone smoothly and the insurance and payment part was also straight forward and I already recommended her to some of my friends.

Marzieh S.

Best Dentist in the Potomac area hands down! She spends the time to throughly explain my treatment plan to me, and is not at all pushy. I feel at ease while being under her care. The best part about her is that she tells you the truth, I got the second opinion of my cousin who is a dentist in California and he agreed with the treatment proposed by Dr. Amini, and was impressed by the crown she had placed for me. Dr. Amini is very straight forward which is extremely reassuring. She gives you her honest professional opinion. Not to mention, she genuinely cares about you, she remembers concerns I've mentioned to her months ago, which is not the case with other dentists I've been to. Her staff are very caring as well. Last but not least, Dr. Amini gives the best shots and actually waits until I feel numb, which is good because I'm a very nervous patient. I would highly recommend her!!!

Ariana G.

We absolutely love her!!my four year old loves going here so much she asks to go to dentist!both my children have had great care here,she and her staff are kind and so child friendly!

Jackie D.

Dr. Amini is an excellent dentist. There are not too many dentists who are as concerned with the patients comfort and well-being as Dr. Amini. My appointment was on time with no waiting. Dr. Amini and her staff also invested the effort to make sure my treatment was smooth and worry free. Her staff handled my insurance claims without any delay or problems. I've been very happy and satisfied with Dr. Amini and her staff. I strongly recommend Dr. Amini for dental services.

Shahin S.


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